LIB: Liberate Your Libido

This project was done for Brand Identity class under the supervision of Richard Rose. For my campaign, I chose to create a brand that would focus on sex positivity, which includes could include topics like masturbating, “Free the Nipple” movement, the Me Too movement, rape culture, and more.

The challenge for this project was creating an image for the campaign that would be powerful but not extremely serious and bland. The challenge was making imagery to invite viewers to change and talk about sex in a way that will be more normal and not such a taboo topic.

The solution was to use fruits as imagery to bring attention to viewers and playing with a bold sans serif type to make the campaign look more playful. 
Brand Identity
Spring 2021

Engagement Piece:

For my engagement piece, these are posters for talk events that would take place for schools, especially for high schools, in order to decrease the stigma of sex.